Ariella Atzmon



Ariella Atzmon (Ph.D.), is a Senior Lecturer in the Schools of Education
and Law, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Ariella Atzmons research specifies affinities linking education, images of science, language and signification to patterns of rhetoric subsistence within a social order.
A discourse analysis of civic systems like education and law which are affected by 20th century schools of thought, such as positivism, phenomenology and constructivism should be challenged by means of philosophical reasoning. Atzmon's theoretical inquiry questions the socio-cultural systems which are designed as a covert apparatus in order to persuade people and promote desired public opinion. This research might be useful for a comprehensive discussion concerning the ways mechanisms of persuasive power circulate in liberal democratic regimes, through the dictation of authoritarian false images of science. Atzmon's argumentation, inspired mainly by post-structural philosophical thought, extends from Heidegger to Freud and Lacan, from Kant to Lyotard, maneuvering between early Barthes Saussure and Levi Strauss to late Barthes Foucault and Derrida, in order to offer an alternative approach for cogitative reflexivity in the realm ofeducation, law and politics. Recently, Atzmons study has focused on the manifestation of political persuasive power in law and education textuality. By employing post-structural ideas of deconstruction she has attempted to draw some characteristic parameters of Israeli democracy so severely torn between the self-image of the Jewish civilian voter as a subject on the
one hand, and a sovereign autonomous individual on the other.


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