Publications & Articles

Books includes:
School Autonomy: a Paradoxical Concept. Ministry of Education
Publication, 1994
First was the Thought, Lectures Series, Ministry of Education
Publication, 1999
Multiple Amnesia: A Poststructuralist Gaze (2000), Jerusalem: Karmel Publishers


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List of articles
"All you ever wanted to know about Constructivism", (2000), Dapim 30,
Mofet: Jerusalem

"Training Teachers as Intellectuals" in: Training Teachers for an
Academic Profession, Editor: Drora Kfir, The Van Leer Institution,
Jerusalem 1999

1) Signalizing the Sign' in: Dialog and Universalism Vol. VI, No.

2) Sympathy and Empathy in the conceptualization of the other: the Case
of Israel

presented at the York conference, The New Europe at the Crossroad,
Summer 1997)

3) The Narrative of liberal Jurisprudence contra Jewish Halacha Law.
(presented at the
Haifa ISSEI conference, Israel, Summer 1998).

4) Israeli Democracy: An Unpredictable Prediction". presented at the
Berlin conference, The New Europe
at the Crossroad, Germany, Summer 1999

5) How far can they go? The Margins of Europe", (presented at the
Bergen ISSEI conference, Norway,
Summer 2000).

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